Large Scale Sculpture

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Take a seat and take in the view on the HiChair

HiChair was designed, handmade and installed by local artist Mark Cain. It was made especially for the NZ Sculpture Onshore exhibition from the 10th to 22nd November 2016. The sale of all the sculpture pieces go towards donating money to the NZ Women's Refuge.

The timber blocks were milled not far away in Kaukapakapa from large logs of macrocarpa. Each piece has been accurately measured (more than once) and hand cut to fit together with a series of mortice and tenon joints secured with wooden pegs. There are no screws or bolts.

HiChair stands 3 metres tall and weighs over 600kg.

Over time the HiChair will weather gently to a characteristic warm finish and stand grandly in place for many years to come.

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Take a Look

Think big and change your perspective as you interact with the HiChair. Tell your friends about it and use the hashtag #HiChair.

Take a Seat

You are invited to climb up and sit on the HiChair. You can fit more than one person on the seat so join in as a family or group of friends.

Take a Photo

Have a photo of yourself taken when sitting on the HiChair. Visit the Facebook page and post your photo there for all to see.

Take Care

When climbing and sitting on the HiChair you do so at your own risk so please take care. Remember that this has a natural wood finish and there could be splinters or sharp corners. Do not climb on the highest part of the back of the HiChair and be careful when getting down. Be safe.

Large Scale Sculpture