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Harry Hill Mini Concrete Cow
News Article

21 January 2012

Harry Hill Mini Concrete Cow

When Waterstones knew that the TV celebrity Harry Hill was going to be in store for a signing of his new book, they asked us if we could make a Mini Concrete Cow to give to him as a gift.

We were excited by this invitation and the opportunity this provided to get creative.

So, we painted a standard black and white Mini Concrete Cow trophy and added a pink head to the paint job. We then needed a few features to make it look like Harry. So we sewed a large white collar that is so representative of Harry and made a pair of glasses to match. Once these were added it was an uncanny likeness.

Because of the reason for his visit, we completed the Mini Concrete Cow with a small model of Harry Hills new book stuck to the front of the trophy. Voila, it was complete.

Now because this was a bit of an exciting day there at Waterstones, photos were taken and the event was reported in the Milton Keynes Citizen that week too.

I wonder what Harry's Mini Concrete Cow is doing now?

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