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Milton Keynes Citizen Report on Gold Olympic Mini Concrete Cow
News Article

23 August 2012

Milton Keynes Citizen Report on Gold Olympic Mini Concrete Cow

The Milton Keynes Citizen newspaper took hold of the special gold Mini Concrete Cow for Greg Rutherford and made a great news item out of it.

Here is the text from the MK Citizen article.

Out Greg scores One more golden gong!

When we say gong, we actually mean concrete cow!

On Saturday August 4, 2012, new city boy Greg Rutherford helped make sporting history at the Olympics.

In the space of 60 minutes, long-jumper Greg, heptathlon ace Jessica Ennis and runner Mo Farrah all bagged gold medals, wowing the nation and showing Britain at its best to the rest of the world.

But you know all that. If you are like us, you will have shouted at the television, had a celebratory drink and then nipped out on Sunday morning to collect your Rutherford collectors stamps.

But unlike Jess and Mo, Greg has also secured a golden gong even rarer than an Olympic Gold Medal - in fact, it's absolutely unique!

Mark Cain, the chap behind the mini concrete cows business that does a moo-vellous trade with new city-folks and tourists alike, has created a very special, one-off golden cow for Greg, in honour of his Olympic achievements.

"With the gold medal Olympians having a postbox painted in their honour, we thought that as Greg is from Milton Keynes if was only fitting he should have his own Mini Concrete Cow - painted gold of course!"

"MK Cows have been making custom painted Mini Concrete Cows for the best part of five years, and their popularity is growing and growing."

"This cow for Greg adds nicely to the collection. Congratulations!" said Mark.

The Citizen will hand over the golden wonder to Greg imminently, and we expect him to be almost as mooved as he was when he stood on the podium to receive that all important medal.

The MK Cows make for udderly fantastic present, and Mark can work to your specifications making a truly unique gift. Visit for details.

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