Ceramic Treats
Handmade Collectable Pottery

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The Classic Biscuit

They say that good things don't last forever... unless they are made of clay and heated to over 1000°C.

Now you can own your favourite classic biscuit designs, handmade as collectable pottery pieces.

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Ceramic Treats Jammy Dodgers

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Ceramic Treats - JD - Jammie Dodger

Jammie Dodger
Cream clay and red glaze double-layer biscuit. Size 50mm x 50mm x 12mm and weight 45g. (JD01)


Ceramic Treats - BB - Bourbon

Brown clay triple-layer biscuit. Size 58mm x 28mm x 19mm and weight 43g. (BB01)


Ceramic Treats - CC - Custard Cream

Custard Cream
Sandy clay triple-layer biscuit. Size 45mm x 35mm x 15mm and weight 35g. (CC01)


Ceramic Treats - MM - Malted Milk

Malted Milk
Sandy clay single-layer biscuit. Size 60mm x 32mm x 7mm and weight 26g. (MM01)


Ceramic Treats - NB - Nice Biscuit

Nice Biscuit
Sandy clay single-layer biscuit. Size 56mm x 40mm x 7mm and weight 24g. (NB01)


Ceramic Treats - OO - Oreo

Dark brown clay triple-layer biscuit. Size 38mm x 38mm x 14mm and weight 33g. (OO01)


Ceramic Treats - 3A - Combo

Combo Pack A
Three clay biscuits (Jammie Dodger, Bourbon, Nice). (C3A01)


Ceramic Treats - 3B - Combo

Combo Pack B
Three clay biscuits (Oreo, Custard Cream, Malted Milk). (C3B01)


Ceramic Treats Bourbon

Handmade Ceramic Treats

Each ceramic biscuit is lovingly crafted and shaped and then carefully fired and finished.

You can display them as a standalone piece or in a group.

The timeless beauty of these ceramic treats draw you in and make you think, 'if only?'

Cooked to Perfection

You never need to have a burnt biscuit again as these have been in an oven at over 1000°C.

The moulding and sculpture process is closely based on the real biscuits so they are perfect in every detail.

Ceramic Treats Jammy Dodgers
Ceramic Treats Jammy Dodgers

Food as Art

Have you ever been told not to play with your food? Well now you can.

Take your Ceramic Treat biscuits and display them on a plate or saucer next to a teapot or cup and see what comments you get.

Make a Suggestion or Request

If you have seen the biscuits you love and yet there could be more in our range, please get in touch and let us know. Either send us a message via our Contact page or message us from the Instagram page.

Ceramic Treats Jammy Dodgers
Ceramic Treats Jammy Dodgers

Take a Closer Look

Browse through the photographs in our Ceramic Treats Gallery to see the fine detail on all of these biscuit shapes. Compare the colours with the real things and you will see how good they could look displayed in your home or given as a very unique gift.

Additional postage costs apply to rural addresses.

Ceramic Treats
Handmade Collectable Pottery