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Graphic Art

Graphic art refers to visual artwork created using traditional or digital techniques, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, or digital design. It typically involves the use of two-dimensional images or typography to convey a message or evoke an emotional response. Graphic art can be used in a wide range of applications, including advertising, book and magazine design, packaging, posters, logos, and branding. It can be created in a variety of styles, from realistic to abstract, and can incorporate a range of media and techniques, such as pen and ink, watercolour, acrylic, digital painting, and collage. The term "graphic art" is often used interchangeably with "graphic design" and "visual communication," although each has its own specific connotations and applications.

Much of the graphic art I produce for myself and my customers focuses on the use of bold, clear shapes and the careful use of colour. Most of my design work is vector based to allow the pieces to scale well and be perfect for manufacture in various materials and mediums.

Graphic Art

Order Process

Mark Cain - Graphic Designer
1. Get a Free Quote

Get in touch with me and describe what you need to be designed.

I will email you a quote for doing the design work.

2. Confirm Order Details

Confirm you are happy to proceed with the new design project.

Send me any logos, images, photos, and text and we will discuss colours, sizes, fonts, etc.

3. Starting Payment

Pay the Starting Payment and the design project will begin.

(Now follow the 'Design Process.')

Design Process

1. Design Proof

Your design project begins and you will receive an initial design proof via email for you to review and approve. If you are happy then reply via email with your approval.

2. Edits and Approval

If you need changes to the initial design then a new design proof will be prepared for your review. When you are happy with the new design proof, respond via email to approve the final design.

3. Finalise

The final approved design will be prepared for the specified output and the project will be saved and archived for future reference.

4. Final Payment

Pay the Final Payment as agreed in the initial design quote.

Thank you for your business and I look forward to helping you in the future.

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Graphic Design Services

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