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Logos and Branding

Most businesses and organisations have some sort of visual relationship with their customers and so a memorable, clear and meaningful logo and brand can go a long way to creating the right impression in your market. As a business grows and develops they often update their logo and make changes that are inline with the modern trends and styles.

I can create you a beautiful and effective Logo and Brand Guidelines to support an enduring brand across all your business activities.

What Makes a Good Logo?

An effective logo is one that is visually appealing, memorable, and easily recognizable. It should convey the essence of the brand it represents, while also being versatile and appropriate for different applications. Here are some key elements that can contribute to the effectiveness of a logo:

  1. Simplicity A simple logo design is often more memorable and versatile than a complicated one. A minimalist approach can help to make the logo more iconic and timeless.
  2. Relevance A logo should be relevant to the brand it represents. It should convey the brand's values, personality, and purpose, and create an emotional connection with the audience.
  3. Consistency A logo should be consistent across all marketing materials, such as business cards, websites, social media profiles, and packaging. This helps to build brand recognition and trust.
  4. Colour Colour can play a significant role in the effectiveness of a logo. The right color palette can help to create a strong visual identity and evoke specific emotions in the audience.
  5. Versatility A logo should be versatile enough to be used across different mediums and applications. It should look good in different sizes, on different backgrounds, and in different contexts.
  6. Originality A logo should be unique and original, and not imitate or copy other logos in the same industry. This helps to create a distinct identity for the brand and differentiate it from competitors.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines, also known as style guides or brand books, are a set of rules and standards that outline how a brand should be presented and represented across different mediums and channels. Brand guidelines typically include information on the brand's visual identity, tone of voice, messaging, and overall brand personality.

The purpose of brand guidelines is to ensure consistency and coherence in the way a brand is communicated to its audience, whether it's through advertising, packaging, social media, or other channels. By providing clear guidelines and standards, brand guidelines help to maintain a strong and cohesive brand identity, build brand recognition and trust, and avoid confusion or inconsistency in the brand's messaging and visual presentation.

Contents of Brand Guidelines

Typically, brand guidelines include information on the following elements:

  • Logo usage and placement
  • Colour palette and typography
  • Imagery and graphics style
  • Voice and tone of communication
  • Messaging and brand values
  • Brand mission and vision
  • Brand history and story

Brand guidelines can be developed by in-house marketing teams or external branding agencies, and they are often shared with all stakeholders involved in promoting or communicating the brand, including employees, partners, and vendors. By following brand guidelines consistently, a brand can create a strong and recognizable identity that resonates with its target audience and helps to achieve its business objectives.

Convert a Printed Logo into a Digital File

I often help customers who already have a logo, but only have a printed copy of it (say an old business card or leaflet.)

From a scan of photograph of the image I will recreate the logo design so they now have a good digital version of their logo.

I then provide a range of digital file formats of the logo that can be used in printed media, websites, social media, etc.

Logos & Branding

Order Process

Mark Cain - Graphic Designer
1. Get a Free Quote

Get in touch with me and describe what you need to be designed.

I will email you a quote for doing the design work.

2. Confirm Order Details

Confirm you are happy to proceed with the new design project.

Send me any logos, images, photos, and text and we will discuss colours, sizes, fonts, etc.

3. Starting Payment

Pay the Starting Payment and the design project will begin.

(Now follow the 'Design Process.')

Design Process

1. Design Proof

Your design project begins and you will receive an initial design proof via email for you to review and approve. If you are happy then reply via email with your approval.

2. Edits and Approval

If you need changes to the initial design then a new design proof will be prepared for your review. When you are happy with the new design proof, respond via email to approve the final design.

3. Finalise

The final approved design will be prepared for the specified output and the project will be saved and archived for future reference.

4. Final Payment

Pay the Final Payment as agreed in the initial design quote.

Thank you for your business and I look forward to helping you in the future.

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